September Student of the Month

Senior Mariah Jackson    -    Nominated by: Mr. Schweitzer    -    Mariah comes in and gets right to her playing right away. She’s an extremely diligent worker and works hard to correct her mistakes when she (very occasionally) makes them. As a piano IV student, she has about three times the workload in class as the other students, and she’s still moving faster than them. Her focus while practicing is amazing.

Senior Vincent LaGioia    -    Nominated by: Ms. Lombardo    -    It’s no surprise that many students face adversities, what is always the surprising or even the inspirational part is seeing students face adversity with strength and confidence. Now although this student has not been in school the past few weeks, I do believe this student, Vinny LaGioia should get recognition for overcoming such an obstacle - not only physically but emotionally as well. Vinny should be student of the month for his strength and perseverance that each student at Guerin Prep should look up to. I know I can speak for Guerin when we say we are all grateful for his return.

Junior Paige Hudson    -    Nominated by: Mr. Kelly    -    Since I’ve met Paige, she has carried the great spirit of Mother Theodore Guerin by being helpful, giving and respectful. A “good morning”, “smile”, or simply asking “how is your day going” makes any day better. Paige uses those greetings and more to be a blessing to Guerin. 

Junior Michael Yniguez    -    Nominated by: Ms. Hayes    -    I am going to nominate Michael Yniguez. Michael is an all around great part of the Guerin community! Whether on the field or in the classroom, Michael always gives 100%, in addition to always being polite and respectful. I am so glad to have him as part of my homeroom and I believe he is a wonderful example of one of Guerin Prep’s best and brightest. 

Sophomore Ashley Guevara    -    Nominated by: Ms. Giacotto    -    I would like to nominate Sophomore Ashley Guevara for GP Student of the Month. She has an incredible spirit and is determined to make her World Language experience at Guerin Prep the best that it can be, not only for herself, but also for her peers. She took time to make homemade eclairs for the class recently as a special treat for no special reason. In addition to that she was more than willing to help recite the English echol of the French Prayer for the Mother Theodore Mass. I am very grateful for her energy and spirit in class. 

Sophomore William Karkazis    -    Nominated by: Ms. Giacotto    -    Equally passionate about his language experience is Sophomore William Karkazis who has also been know to make a homemade batch of Pate a Chou (paht ah shoe) which are puff pastries for his French II class. His French accent is to die for and his creative nature lends itself to fascinating projects. The request to say prayer in French at the Mother Theodore Guerin Mass was met with great exuberance by Will, which he knocked out of the park! 

Freshman Gabriella Lappo    -    Nominated by:  Ms. Lombardo    -    I’d like to nominate Gabby Lappo because of her positive attitude and polite manner. She is a student I have watched go from a little shy to one of the most active participants in my classroom. Her answers are always insightful and well thought out. Her skill in critical thinking and analysis is a very beneficial skill to have especially in a social studies classroom. She is a role model for all Guerin students and a pleasure to have in class.

Freshman Justin Lozada    -    Nominated by: Ms. Hayes    -    I would like to nominate freshman Justin Lozada as student of the month. Before I was even formally introduced to Justin, he always made it a point to say goodbye and have a nice day when he was leaving from class during the summer. Now when I see him in the halls, he always say hi. While it may seem like a small thing, someone who takes the time to do that makes a BIG impression on me.