October 2016

Joanne Lombara    In your nomination Mr. Schweitzer wrote, “Joanne is a freshman and has never played the piano before. She works diligently on her scales and has very quickly moved through her studies. She’s always quiet and focused and is never disruptive in class.” 

Zach Brady    In your nomination Ms. Boshold wrote, “Although I do not know too many of the Freshman boys, Zach made an impression on me because of his polite and respectful way of asking for a favor in the Business Office. Being someone with an older sibling I know how you do not like to be compared to them. I knew Zach’s older brother, Ethan, who also was very polite. I’m sure Zach will shine in his own way while at Guerin Prep. We are lucky to have him here with us.”

Cinnamon Machaj    In your nomination Mr. Kelly wrote, “Every time I see Cinnamon I witness nothing but greatness. She has done what Guerin Prep needs from any high school student; be a blessing, do your best academically, and have a positive attitude. I am thankful I had a chance to meet her because she makes me a better person.” 

Cordale Body    In your nomination Mr. Kelly wrote, “Cordale has really come into his own during his 2nd year at Guerin. He has done better academically and become more of a leader in and outside of the classroom. Can’t wait to see how things will be his Junior year.”

Mikeyla Noriega    In your nomination Ms. Lombardo wrote, “Mikeyla is one of the junior’s who has quickly  impressed me with her hard work ethic and being such a conscientious student. She asks insightful questions and demonstrates a care for doing a great job no matter what the task is. I’m glad I have Mikeyla in my sociology class. I will always appreciate her dedication in my classroom.” 

Mack Gonzalez    In your nomination Ms. Hayes wrote, “Mack was one of the student ambassadors with me on our open house tour, and he did a great job telling the prospective students about Guerin and cheered them on in the Smart Board station as they completed the interactive puzzle. His enthusiasm at open house and his general happy attitude when i see him around the halls of the school make him a great example of a Guerin Prep student of the month.” 

Kasey Walsh    In your nomination Ms. Calandriello wrote, “Kasey has truly taken the lead this fall. Not only was she crowned homecoming queen, but also she became the 1st woman of a major party to run for president through the persona of Hillary Clinton. Kasey has demonstrated her dramatic talents, her empathetic nature, and strong work ethic in every aspect of her career at Guerin Prep. Kasey really does “bleed” Guerin colors. During her internship at a law firm this summer, Kasey embodied the quintessential Guerin student making us proud that she was a part of the Guerin community. Kasey is a model of maturity, kindness and generosity...thank you for making Guerin an even better place to be.” 

Frank Gonzalez
In your nomination Mr. Schweitzer wrote, “Frank works hard and takes direction very well. When I give him an assignment he sets to it immediately. When he doesn’t understand some portion of it, he speaks up immediately. He doesn’t ever complain that the work is to hard or that he’s frustrated, he just works at it.”