November 2016 Student of the Month

Senior Sam Stocco  -  Nominated by: Ms. Watts  -  Sam shows a strong dedication and interest in the arts. He comes to art class early every morning and works on his ceramic projects. He explores different approaches, is very inquisitive and goes beyond what is expected of him for a project or concept. Sam also helps other students and assists them with ideas and techniques he learned outside of class time. He motivates others to learn and is a wonderful asset to the ceramics class.

Senior Christine Li  -  Nominated by: Ms. Giacotto  -  When asked to present at the GP Festival of Light, Christine stepped up to share a presentation on the Chinese Lantern Festival. I can only imagine how challenging it must be to present in a language that is not her native language in front of a large audience of her peers. She is a courageous, poised Senior with a generous spirit. I am so proud of her willingness to help and hope that she will find this experience as rewarding as I know her peers will find it to be.

Junior Liam Carroll  -  Nominated by: Ms. Skowron  -  Liam is everything a Guerin student should be - a caring, courteous, and well-rounded individual. He is willing to help a student in need -as when he helped a young lady who fainted in the hall. When I asked if someone could carry her down to the Main Office under Mrs. King’s supervision, Liam carefully picked her up and brought her down to the office. He stayed with her until Mrs. King said that it was all right to leave her. During The Lion in Winter election, Liam was a calm and courteous debater. He treated his opponents with courtesy even when he was attacked. Liam also made sure that every statement that he made as a candidate agreed with historical fact. He is active in sports, playing soccer since 2014. He is skilled violinist who has played for both Open Houses. He is a true role model for Guerin Prep.

Junior Zoey Immordino  -  Nominated by:  Ms. Hayes  -  Zoey’s idea to set up a dress down day fundraiser for former GCP student Jake Strok was amazing! She knew of someone, who is part of the extended GCP family, and who needs help, and she did something about it! Zoey showed initiative, determination, and most importantly, compassion for Jake and his family getting this fundraiser set up, and those are qualities that more that qualify her for student of the month. Great job, Zoey!

Sophomore Joe Szczygiel  -  Nominated by: Ms. Lombardo  -  I really have enjoyed getting to know Joe more and more each year. There is never a day where Joe does not say good morning or have a good evening and it’s the little things that can really make someone’s day. He is a student I enjoy joking around with because he has a warm sense of humor. I can tell he is respected by his peers especially close friends, he always gives great advice (even if it’s tough love and not what the friend might want to hear.) I’ve enjoyed having Joey in my homeroom - homeroom would not be the same without him.

Sophomore Isabela Lozano  -  Nominated by: Mr. Schweitzer  -  Isabela is a phenomenal piano player. She tackles each piece and doesn’t finish with it until she has learned it top to bottom and front to back. She constantly and consistently exceeds the requirements of her class section. I’m not sure there’s a piece I could put in front of her that she couldn’t master, and in short order.

Freshman Michal Kmita  -  Nominated by: Ms. Panik  -  Michal is an excellent student. He works to his full potential and he always completes assignments on time. He cares about his academic performance and he readily asks for clarification on assignments when necessary. Michal has a positive, cheerful attitude and he always shows respect to both teachers and classmates. Michal is a fine gentleman and he truly deserves the honor of being named Student of the Month.

Freshman Jocelyn Gama  -  Nominated by: Ms. Giacotto  -  With a never ending smile and amazingly positive attitude, Jocelyn sets the bar for excellence in French I. She is dedicated to everything she does in class, in creating projects and for homework. She also makes herself available for her classmates and is 100% attentive during class. She seems to have a magical ability to connect with French language culture, which is an exceptional quality in her first year of language study.