February 2017 Students of the Month

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Freshman Brianna Freel
Nominated by Mrs. Giacotto

Brianna has stepped up to be the most amazing sound tech for our all-school assemblies. She has endured many last minute glitches with grace and taken her valuable after school time to rehearse. I am extremely proud and grateful for her help and finesse. She is a super star behind the scenes and we are blessed to have her among the talented students who coordinate performances at Guerin Prep.

Freshman Christian Ambrosio
Nominated by Ms. Lombardo

Christian works extremely hard in World History and I feel his dedication should not go unnoticed. He is doing remarkably well but it is because of his motivation to succeed. He receives exceptional grades on all types of assessments and goes above and beyond by spending extra time asking for help when needed of additional assistance. This is a trait that should be admired by all students. In addition, to his academic achievement in my classroom, Christian is a respectful and polite student who is always well-behaved and actively participates in the classroom. Because of his motivation and participation in my classroom, I believe Christian would make an excellent candidate for Student of the Month.

Sophomore Cristina Marquez
Nominated by Ms. Susin

Cristina is a wonderful asset to our PE class. She is friendly, respectful of her classmates and gives it her best effort in all our activities. She is a good sport, who truly enjoys her friends and tries to get along with everyone.

Sophomore Gabe Calistro
Nominated Mrs. Montanile

Gabe is a model student and an exemplary young man. He is always excited to learn and grow academically. He often seeks extra opportunities to enrich his education. He is extremely polite and always expresses a willingness to help his fellow classmates. I have never heard Gabe say one unkind word about anyone here at Guerin. He is respected by his peers and expresses all the qualities of a good leader. Gabe is not only an excellent student but one of the kindest, most respectful and poised young man I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

Junior Tetyana Palagniuk
Nominated Ms. Susin

Tetyana has been a great help to Guerin’s Athletic Department. She has been willing to work volleyball and basketball games this year, giving up part of her Christmas holidays to keep score. She is always friendly, on time and very accurate. The Athletic Department couldn’t function without our great student workers and Tetyana is one of them.

Junior Sebastian Campos
Nominated by Ms. Hayes

Sebastian has made the most of his junior year thus far and made great strides academically. In addition to being a conscientious, hard-working student academically, Sebastian is also a wonderfully polite and kind student and a great nominee for student of the month.

Senior Eva McKeon
Nominated by Mrs. Giacotto

I would like to nominate Eva for being an especially committed and involved French student in the second semester of her Senior year. It has been a pleasure teaching Eva French for four years and this year she has found many occasions to go the extra mile and benefit from her hard work in AP French 4. I am also equally grateful for all the recyclables she has collected and brought in for the GP Project Greenway Fashion show. Merci beaucoup Eva!

Senior John Szczygiel
Nominated by Ms. Lombardo

John is really a student who everyone looks up to - he is compassionate, friendly, and well-rounded. He not only excels in his leadership roles as an athlete but in the academic realm as well. His participation in my classroom is outstanding as he always has something insightful to bring to the classroom -- with an occasional funny joke as well as making the classroom feel more like home for many students.