Discover Our Alumni – Aga Galej, Class of 2013

21 before the age of 21! This was just one of Aga Galej’s goals upon entering Yale University three years ago. This alum from Guerin’s class of 2013 knew she would be putting everything she had into her studies and was equally determined to make the most of her summers too. That’s where her mantra comes in. She would visit 21 countries before the age of 21. Not only has she succeeded, but she has surpassed that goal, thanks to studying abroad her junior year. She has made it to 28 countries so far, covering six continents with only Antarctica to go!
“My favorite country has to be South Africa. I spent six weeks there and worked with my favorite animals – penguins – so it will always be special for that reason.” She added, “Besides that, it’s unlike any other country I’ve ever seen – particularly its wildlife.”
Reflecting on her Guerin education, Aga said, “My four years at Guerin have helped shape my experiences in university; the wonderful teachers that always supported me and the extracurricular activities that I loved with all my heart. I felt a sense of belonging.”
Aga, who is entering her senior year at Yale, is finishing up the last of her requirements for her major which is ecology and evolutionary biology. She is currently in the process of applying to veterinary school where she plans to study and become a wildlife vet.   


Aga attends the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine.