January 2017 Students of the Month

​​Freshman Milly Zhang
Nominated by: Mrs. Montanez & Mr. Osgood

Milly has really spread her wings since the beginning of the year. She has been enthusiastic in sharing her artistic gift through Halloween and Chinese New Year decorations, as well as the upcoming fashion show. Milly has become more conscientious in her studies and improved her grades. In addition, she has taken it upon herself to assist the new international students who have arrived at Guerin this month. She was a great mentor when one of the students became ill. Milly is always smiling and  a pleasure to be around.

Freshman Jacob Moreno
Nominated by: Mrs. Gauthier & Mr. Kelly

Throughout all of first semester Jacob has always shown great kindness and respect to his peers and teachers. He shows great patience, diligence, and enthusiasm both as a student and friend. He is a great artist and I can’t wait to see his art work one day be displayed throughout the school. He is a great role model of what a Guerin Prep student should be.

Sophomore Hazel Gillette
Nominated by: Mr. Krueger

Hazel has compiled the highest average in honors chemistry for the month of January. She achieved a perfect score on the chapter assessment and earned the extra credit. She is a positive class contributor, volunteering answers and asking pertinent questions. Hazel is my nomination for student of the month.

Sophomore Daniel Crespo
Nominated by: Ms. Kniebusch

Daniel is always polite and works diligently to complete his work. His hard work has resulted in one of the highest grades in general chemistry. Every day when he enters the room he greets me with a “good morning” and huge smile which brightens my morning.

Junior Bridget O’Sullivan
Nominated by: Ms. Lombardo

Bridget is an individual all students should look up to. She exceeds in her academic studies and has such a strong motivation to succeed. She is an extremely hard worker who puts effort into every assignment no matter the point value. She is a genuine young woman who is respectful to all at Guerin Prep. It’s been a pleasure having Bridget in my class this year and her hard work has not gone unnoticed.

Junior Jean Balacy
Nominated by: Ms. Skowron

Jean promotes a “can do” attitude in my English class. Whenever I need a person to volunteer, Jean’s hand is up. He especially is great at volunteering to read parts in the plays we read and is undaunted when the part is long and complex. He reads with assurance and feeling so that the class can truly understand the feelings and the motivations of the character. I truly appreciate this skill, since Shakespeare’s plays can be quite challenging to high school students.

Senior Thalia Pappous
Nominated by: Mrs. Gathier

Thalia shows how much she cares about creating an excellent yearbook, one that people will enjoy looking at in the years to come. Without asking, she took on a leadership position to organize the purchase of new, student ads for the yearbook. She has come up with numerous ways to promote these ads all because she is passionate about it. Her organization skills have also been greatly helpful to our staff. Lastly, I would like to add how much I appreciate her intuitive, empathetic, and patient personality. These qualities help me greatly in managing a staff with a large variety of abilities, interests, and personalities. Thank you Thalia for your dedication to yearbook. I am proud of you.

Senior A’Mere Dale
Nominated by: Ms. Susin

I have A’mere in my Period 2 PE class. The effort and enthusiasm he puts into each game we play is infectious. He brings a smile to my face and his classmates. Thanks, A’Mere.