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service at the Building for the Future fundraiser

Sr. Frances Alma McManus, S.P. Award
Jane Hayden, Mother Theodore Guerin Class of 1980
Director of Operations, WGN–TV

Jane Hayden is a graduate of Mother Theodore Guerin High School’s class of 1980. She was born and raised in Chicago, and she credits Mother Guerin with affording her a lifetime of friendships and sending her out into the world armed with confidence and humility. She asserts that there are few better gifts a school can offer. Jane recalls that at Guerin she was always encouraged to try, and it was never a problem to fail or “come in second.” At Guerin, Jane served as a class officer for a couple of years, and played on the Guerin tennis team. She acknowledges that both her political career and sports ambitions ended in high school.

During her senior year, the confidence that Guerin instilled took her to WGN studios, where she explained that she knew how to type, and that she was looking for late hours or weekend work. Within a few days she was offered a radio logger position via the pay phone outside Guerin’s cafeteria. Jane has been with WGN since 1980; since 1999, she has served as Director of Operations for WGN–TV. In 1990, Jane was honored as WGN–TV’s Employee of the Year.

Jane’s experiences outside of WGN reflect her commitment to service, motivated by an appreciation for all she has received and a desire to give back. Shortly after graduating from Guerin, inspired by Bob Greene’s Chicago Tribune column about a mentoring program in downtown Chicago, Jane began mentoring within the Cabrini Green community. She later began a mentoring program with the Chicago Boys and Girls Club, encouraging friends and coworkers to volunteer, and expressing that what they receive in return is love, perspective, and knowledge. In 1996 Jane received an award from the Corporate Volunteer program with WGN–TV and the Chicago Boys and Girls Club, and she was the 2012 Volunteer of the Year for the Daniel Cotter Boys and Girls Club of Chicago.

Jane is thankful that her work has afforded her the ability to travel, including adventures around the world with Habitat for Humanity. She appreciates the experience of living in a foreign country, working side-by-side with families on their new homes, and believes that one of the best ways to learn about yourself is to travel the world.

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