Gator of the Month

Gator of the Month is a program overseen by the Student Life Department. Each month, two students (one boy and one girl) per grade level will be selected as students of the month. Students will be nominated by the Guerin Prep staff for outstanding performance based on specific criteria including: academic performance, effort, character, behavior, social relationship, and attendance.

February 2015

                        Senior Alex Karaskiewicz

Nominated by: Ms. Gauthier

Alex always puts forth all her efforts into sports and academics.When she needs advice or help she asks for it and in turn, she is there to help her peers.She is thoughtful about others’ feelings and often lends a hand without having to be asked to do so.As an ambassador to Guerin, Alex is an excellent role model and upon graduation, I am sure will bring our virtues of love, mercy and justice into the world.I am proud of you!


Senior Edgar Calderon

Nominated by Ms. Kniebusch

Edgar is attentive and participates in Anatomy and Physiology. He assists whenever asked and is almost always on task. He has come a long way since I had him as a freshman in biology

                        Junior Karina Contreras

Nominated by: Ms. Kniebusch

Karina is a pleasure to have in class. She is always willing to assist in any way she can and always with a smile on her face. She is a true example of what a Guerin Gator of the Month should be.

                           Junior Dominik Radzik

Nominated by Mrs. Panik

I believe that Dominik Radzik is the perfect candidate for Gator of the Month. Dominik is a focused student who readily accepts suggestions for improvement. Since the time that I met him in the beginning of his sophomore year, I have observed much growth in Dominik; socially, academically and spiritually. He is always pleasant and willing to help both teachers and students in any way that he can. It is a pleasure to have Dominik in class
                     Sophomore Leslie Sosa

Nominated by: Ms. Skowron

Leslie is the kind of student that every teacher dreams about – one who constantly strives to do her best. If she doesn’t understand something, Leslie is not afraid to ask questions. She consistently goes beyond the mere answer and shows a depth of understanding that is beyond her years. Her quest for excellence makes Leslie a true Guerin Gator.

                     Sophomore Tyler Torres

Nominated by Ms. Park

Last semester, Tyler got the highest grade of any student in Chemistry. This is due to his work ethic where he stays on top of everything and makes sure to do his practice problems every night. Tyler is extremely polite and is a pleasure to have in class.

                      Freshman Victoria Urso

Nominated by: Ms. Hayes

One of the things that impresses me most about Victoria is how she always goes out of her way to help others. Whether it is a teacher or a student, Victoria is always the first to lend a hand. During a recent project, when Victoria saw a classmate was struggling to finish their poster, she stepped in and offered her help without even being asked. When Ms. Gauthier or I need someone to help in homeroom, we know Victoria is always ready and willing to assist. Her amazingly helpful personality and true care for others make Victoria a great Gator of the Month!

                        Freshman Raymond Otero
by: Ms. Hayes and Ms. Gauthier

Recently we have noticed Raymond being conscientious of his daily preparation for school and his academic success. Raymond always has a smile when he sees us and not only says hello but asks how we are doing. Though it may seem like a small thing, his kindness and daily hello do not go unnoticed and are ALWAYS appreciated.


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