A total of 16 members of the Tarpey Family have been students at Holy Cross, Mother Guerin and Guerin Prep, and two are current Guerin Prep students. Because of this great commitment, Guerin Prep is proud to honor the Tarpeys as The Legacy Family for the 50th Anniversary Celebration of Catholic education at Belmont and 80th.

In addition to the family entrusting the education of its young people to our schools, Tom Tarpey, Sr. was a strong supporter of Holy Cross and Mother Guerin during the more than 20 years he served as mayor of River Grove, IL.  



Born and raised in Caccamo, Sicily, Mr. Luciano Libreri often dreamt of moving to the United States and opening a restaurant. He and his family moved to the United States in 1969, and he began working in restaurants. Da Luciano Pizza, Pasta and Catering was established in November of 2003 in River Grove, IL, where it has been a hit.

Upon arrival to River Grove, Mr. and Mrs. Libreri sent all six of their children to the local catholic grade school, St. Cyprian, and they continued their educations at Mother Guerin, Holy Cross and Guerin Prep. Because of their great commitment to Guerin Prep and the community of River Grove we are proud to call them our Heritage Family at the 50th Anniversary Celebration.


Mary Anne Boffa Luczak’s journey started when she graduated from Mother Guerin in 1971, she came back to Mother Guerin and taught and was the track coach for 4 years. In 2012, Mary Anne was honored at the annual Baccalaureate at the McManus Award winner. At Guerin “we were taught to live our lives in service of God and our neighbors,” says Mary Anne. Serving the church allows Mary Anne to use her time and talents to serve God while building a closer relationship with him. Mary Anne has done so many wonderful things in her community, school, work and family we are proud to honor her at the 50th Anniversary Celebration as the Golden Alumna award.


Dr. Vincent Bufalino is a Holy Cross graduate of 1970 and son of Dominick and Camile Bufalino. Camile Bufalino was a long time social studies teacher at Mother Guerin who understood the commitment and dedication of a catholic education at 80th and Belmont. Many members of the Bufalino family attended Mother Guerin and Holy Cross through the years and have continued to support Guerin Prep.
Dr. Bufalino is a Cardiologist. He is a highly experienced doctor, with 31 years of practice in the field and is highly regarded by his patients who rate him four out of four stars. They point out the time he spends with them. He has won a number of awards, including the Patients' Choice Award. He is affiliated with top rated hospitals in the area. After graduating from Loyola University Chicago, he completed his fellowship at Loyola University Chicago in 1982. Dr. Bufalino is a published author, having articles in peer reviewed journals. Because of his great commitment to the community, Guerin Prep is proud to honor Dr. Bufalino as our Golden Alumnus Award for the 50th Anniversary of Catholic education at Belmont and 80th.



5:30 pm      Cocktails & Appetizers,

                     Art "Gallery of Time" Exhibition

                     at Guerin Prep,

                    Silent Auction Opens at

                     Holy Cross Alumni Hall

7:00 pm     Celebration Moves to Holy Cross                                     Athletic Center
7:15 pm     Blessing & Dinner
8:00 pm     Paddle Raise Auction & Awards                                       Presentation

9:00 pm    Silent Auction Closes

9:00 - 11:00 pm    Music & Dancing Featuring
                               Chicago Tribute Anthology

 Formal Attire Requested