Discover Our Alumni - Christina Karahalios, Class of 2011

Time management, making the most of her time, perfect timing – these are things that Christina Karahalios, GCP Class of 2011, firmly believes in.  

It was towards the end of Christina’s sophomore year at Guerin when she approached the school president, who at the time was Terry Malik, himself a former attorney.  She introduced herself and spoke about her interest in law.  He was able to put her in contact with the law firm of Smith & Smith.  She wasted no time in contacting them about a possible internship; she was interviewed, hired, and has never looked back. 

Nine years later she is still employed with Smith & Smith as she pursues her law degree.  She said that her years at the firm have only solidified her choice to be an attorney.   

“The best part about being here so long is seeing the same clientele coming again and again for help because they were satisfied with our work and it led to having a strong, long-lasting relationship with them,” said Christina. She added that some clients have even called just to check in on her to see how her law school journey is progressing. 

She is currently attending Chicago-Kent College of Law pursuing her JD (Juris Doctor). Christina attended DePaul University and received a Bachelor of Arts in English and a Master of Arts in English in 2016.   

“If all goes as planned, I should be an attorney by the summer of 2020,” said Christina, who hopes to one day either work at a small firm or open her own law firm, and eventually run to be a circuit court judge in Cook County.   

When she looked back on her time at Guerin Prep, she said that Guerin taught her how to manage her time wisely.  Because she was involved in so many clubs and activities, she had to figure out how to allocate the proper amount of time for certain things; prioritize first to last. 

And in that prioritized time, she learned from her English teachers the right way to read and analyze text.   It was a crucial skill to have going into college, especially with her major and law school, since every term, phrase, poem, or even statute can be interpreted differently.  Christina noted that difference in interpretation is where a lot of tension oftentimes develops, leading to debates, and even law suits. 

“Being able to think critically helps you communicate your view, opinion or analysis more effectively to/with others; so I guess Guerin taught me more than I could possibly include in this interview,” she noted. 

When asked what she would say to parents considering sending their student to Guerin Prep, Christina said they should sign them up!  They will walk into college knowing how to analyze and write a paper or complete a project with a problem because of the many skills taught by the Guerin faculty.   

She stated, “As a student, I didn’t realize what I had learned or what skills I had developed in high school until I went to college and actually applied them by myself.” 

You've applied them well!  Good luck, Christina!  We are so proud of you and all you’ve accomplished so far!


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