Discover Our Alumni - Megan Romberg , Class of 2010

As many of us travel down our career paths in life, we hope to discover that “dream job” that defines all that we want and could hope to accomplish – one that makes us happy and makes us feel that we have found our true calling.  Unfortunately, some of us never find it, some discover it later in their career, and a very fortunate few happen upon it quickly. Megan Romberg, GCP ’10, is one of those fortunate few and appreciates the fact that it happened so soon. 

After graduating from Guerin, Megan went to Illinois State University and received her B.A. in Special Education.  She went on to teach in Special Education for two years in the Chicago Public School System. While student teaching in CPS, Megan had begun working for the Chicago Park District’s Special Recreation Program.  She had spent five summers before that as a recreation leader and inclusion aide, so she was very familiar with Park District programs.   

Once she started teaching, Megan continued to work with the Park District’s Special Recreation Program after school.  It was when a full-time position opened up that Megan realized it was an opportunity that she couldn’t ignore.  At the end of the school year she left her teaching position and became the Special Recreation Coordinator at Kosciuszko Park in the Logan Square neighborhood.  She now runs a program that services approximately 100 athletes of various skill levels.  
“We compete in 16 different sports in Chicago, including track and field, bocce, bowling, skiing, basketball, soccer, snowshoeing and more,” said Megan, who excitedly added, “One of my athletes will actually be representing Team Illinois at the USA Special Olympic Games in Seattle, Washington in July of 2018!”

Megan loves teaching but feels that with the parks she has found her calling and that she is right where she is supposed to be.  She hopes to go back to school and take classes to become a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist and continue her work with special recreation/Special Olympics. 

When reflecting on high school, Megan said that Guerin helped her prepare for college more than she realized. “I was amazed when I was a freshman at Illinois State and had classmates who didn’t know how to study,” she said, and noted how her involvement in a variety of activities in high school helped her develop her time management skills.   

Megan feels strongly about the education, atmosphere, and teachers at Guerin Prep.  “Even after teaching at a small high school for two years, I am still amazed at the community Guerin builds for its students and staff; I was able to be myself and build a strong foundation that has helped in my success since graduating.”

 We are proud of you, Megan, and wish you continued success!


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