A Truly Individualized Education

Guerin Prep provides a college preparatory curriculum which is tailored to each student’s needs. Our three academic programs of study are: Sullivan Program, Providence Program and Nolan Scholars Program.
All programs prepare the student for post-secondary education and each is aligned with Illinois State Standards. The uniqueness of the curriculum is that students may take classes across the programs and benefit from a truly individualized approach to learning. Students are not tracked, they can move among the three programs as their skills and accomplishments allow.

Programs at Guerin Prep are personalized to individual students so that they can realize their unique potential. By recognizing and respecting a student's talents and needs, Guerin challenges students to not only to achieve their goals but also to surpass them.

Each program is delivered by our dedicated faculty, 60 percent of who hold or are pursuing master’s degrees.

Sullivan Program - a program for students who need assistance in building their academic skills in order to succeed in Guerin’s college prep curriculum and post-secondary education. Sulllivan Program courses are designed for the student who requires help in developing his/her knowledge base and cultivation of essential skills in a given subject area in order to be successful in post-secondary educational opportunities. At the freshman level, enrollment in the program is based on the student’s entrance exam scores and elementary school record and recommendations. Once accepted into the program, the student is required to complete the Freshman Experience during the summer prior to his/her freshman year at Guerin Prep and to enroll in two or more Sullivan courses for the freshman year.

At the sophomore, junior and senior level a student’s enrollment in the Sullivan Program is based on the student’s academic performance during the previous academic year as well as referral by teachers.

Assistance offered through the Sullivan Program may include: learning/strengthening study skills; structured study halls; test preparation skills; help with organizational and learning styles, and academic counseling based on course performance.

Providence Program – a core college prep curriculum in which students are exposed to concepts, relationships among concepts and their connection to the real world, and the formation of critical and creative thinking skills and problem solving.

Most students at Guerin Prep are part of the Providence Program for some or all of their classes. The program is a rigorous, standards-based college prep curriculum which melds educational opportunities in the fine arts.
This four-year course of study should enable students to be prepared not only for college but for life.
· ACT preparation is continuous and is part of the curriculum design. Average ACT Composite Score in Spring 2012 was 22.
· Student graduation requirements include three credits of Mathematics and Science and four credits of English and Theology.
· Service Learning courses comprise four credits.
· Students are required to take two credits of the fine arts.

Nolan Scholars Program – an honors college prep curriculum where students have an opportunity to pursue advanced courses of study, participate in enrichment experiences and receive special mentoring.
Students who test in the top 25 on the Guerin Prep Entrance Exam are invited to apply for the Nolan Scholars Program. Admittance into the four year program will be based on test scores, academic record, recommendations and a possible interview. Students pursue advanced courses of study, participate in enrichment experiences and receive mentoring aimed at preparing them to succeed at top- tier colleges and universities.

To remain in the program, Nolan Scholars must maintain academic excellence (3.65 GPA or higher each semester for the class of 2014, 2015 and 2016; 3.5 GPA or higher for the class of 2013) and adhere to the Nolan Scholars’ Code of Conduct.

Among the benefits, the Nolan Scholar Program is designed to:
· Create positive role models for academic achievement.
· Raise scores on standardized tests, especially college entrance exams. In Spring 2012, Nolan Scholars average ACT Composite Score was 27.
· Improve financial scholarship opportunities for college.
· Enable students to take the Advance Placement Test in various disciplines.
· Encourage participation in enrichment activities.

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