Windy City Basebal

Chicago's elite travel baseball and development program. One of the most experienced and well-versed staffs in the Midwest, Windy City prides itself on exposing our athletes to best instruction possible. Just check out the over 50 years of professional baseball experience our staff has and you'll see the difference!

Hiawatha Soccer Club

Established in 1975, Hiawatha Soccer Club has been built by a great community of families and coaches. Over the many years we have been very fortunate to get great support from the local community. In recent years we have incorporated a new level of competition to the club. Expanding from an in-house recreational league to NISL and other competitive traveling leagues.



Dig It Volleyball 

At Dig It Volleyball Club we believe the key to advanced development is a strong foundation of proper technique. Players who master fundamental volleyball skills benefit by improving quicker, and are more confident on the court because of the solid base they have worked hard to obtain. This advantage encourages our athlete to achieve their goals.



Powerhouse Basketball, located in River Grove, was created to empower youth athletes from 3rd through 12 grade to obtain higher goals in life with a balance of strict self discipline, higher self esteem and leadership skills. When a player graduates from our AAU program, they will have many rewards including; the superiority of growth as a player, achieving their full potential and a high level of physical and mental toughness along with an unmatched skill level.